Kids are Getting Bleach Shoved Up Their Asses!

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Scene from “Sybil”

I figure the only way to get your attention regarding this very serious issue is to put it bluntly in the tile of this piece:


This is not a joke.

I’ve been posting via Facebook on the issue of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) being used to treat autism in children for a while now and it seems like no one gives a shit. But this is why you need to give a shitMMS is actually chlorine dioxide, an industrial strength bleach and a quack named Kerri Rivera is promoting it as a cure for Autism. Her cure purports that you both feed your children this industrial strength bleach in diluted form and give it to them in enemas in order to rid them of the toxins that cause autism.

Imagine you’re hearing the following rant in my angry New York accent

Imagine you’re a child. BLEACH!!!! In your stomach. UP YOUR ASS. Dissolving your intestines. Deteriorating your organs. Eating away the lining of your colon. Causing seizures. SLOWLY POISONING YOU! And the perpetrator of this torture are your parents. This is happening to hundreds, if not thousands of kids with no voice. You should really start giving a shit about this!


The whole concept of curing autism bothers me to the core. First off, quacks whom claim to cure autism dupe parents into believing the causes of autism are some how environmental–such as GMOs, vaccines and chemtrails–indirectly putting blame on the parents who did not keep their children safe from these evil mysterious toxins that are everywhere!  This is by design because these quacks love nothing more than making parents feel guilty and then offering a miracle solution to absolve them of this perceived guilt. Marketing 101.

Quacks like Kerri Rivera capitalize on parental guilt, fear, and loathing–and offer a way to purge their children of the evil Autism demons in the hopes of making them “normal”.  I get that some parents are so desperate for any type of solution to their kids’ behavioral, emotional and medical issues. But if you think pumping them full of bleach is your only hope, I have very little sympathy for you.

I know several children and adults with autism who are beautiful, intelligent and compassionate people. Just because they don’t fit your ideal of what is normal doesn’t mean they need to be fixed or cured. They DO need support from you to help them through a complex world in which they perceive and react differently from you and I. They DO NOT need to be poisoned by industrial strength bleach being forced down their mouths and up their asses!

Kerri Rivera claims on her FB page that her Autism protocol has healed hundreds of children. She claims these can be seen in the various testimonials on her page (which we have no proof who wrote them, or where they came from). In the CD Autism FB group, pictures of supposed ropeworms are shared. Proponents and parents who follow the Rivera MMS protocol claim the ropeworms are parasites that cause autistic symptoms and they are being purged from the body via the protocol. In actuality, this is the intestinal lining being stripped away because industrial strength bleach is violently coursing through the child’s body.


She urges parents to keep up with the protocol, despite children getting violently ill from it–because that’s a sign the toxins are being purged from the body. This is a common quack trope, as the “Cherokee Hair Tampons” episode of South Park hilariously satires:


Kerri Rivera’s Autism protocol is so despicable. I implore you to read further about it and spread the word about this vile practice against vulnerable children. These children will suffer in silence no longer. I have included several links for further reading.

Pages aimed at stopping this vicious practice:



NBC News Chicago exposé on Kerri Rivera:

Truth about ropeworm:

A person who wrote up a fake autism recovery story to Kerri Rivera and Rivera posted it without any verifiable proof: http://saulniercamaut.tumblr.com/


Why Would You Bring Your Baby to a Chiropractor?


Even a dog can call bullshit–Why can’t you?

Some years ago, I stumbled into a bar bathroom and saw a diaper-changing table next to the puked stained toilet. Someone wrote on the changing table, “Why would you bring your baby to a bar?” There are certainly legitimate reasons why someone would bring their baby to this particular establishment; they serve good food and you can’t find babysitting. However, there is NO DAMN GOOD REASON to bring your baby to a chiropractor. And if you are one of those idiots that do, you should:

1) Educate yourself in proper and legitimate science and how it works and then stop being a fucking gullible, naive, idiot by giving these charlatans money.

2) Be locked up for child abuse.

I always thought that most people are inherently smart even without a college education. I guess I’m an optimist at heart. I see nothing wrong with an adult seeing a chiropractor for back and neck issues. It’s the ones that claim to cure your child of Autism and bed-wetting that I can not stomach. Chiropractors who claim to cure diseases that have nothing to do with your back or neck pain are obvious snake oil salesmen. They are the modern day Wizards of Oz. Didn’t that movie teach you anything about seeing through people’s bullshit??? But who am I to be so optimistic of human nature–it was the friggin dog who revealed the fraud behind the curtain.

(I do not believe the following horse-shit. I am just summing up in layman terms how chiropractic claims it works.)

Chiropractors who claim to cure disease and illness, such as the flu, believe that manipulation of the spine/spinal column can prevent such an infection. They believe people suffer from these things called subluxations, which are “blockages” in the spinal column that affect the nervous system’s ability to do its job. And since the nervous system affects the immune system, well then, that’s how cracking your back cure the flu. That’s how cracking your back cures migraines, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, the clap, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, restless legs syndrome, shift-work disorder, etc. etc… you get the point.  They can make all your problems go away–for a fee.

It’s one thing to subject yourself to this bullshit. Go ahead. Spend your money and hopefully natural selection will kill you off. But it’s a whole other problem when you subject your children to this abuse. For one, they can be seriously injured by a spinal manipulation. Secondly, if you use chiropractic to treat an ear infection or strep throat instead of antibiotics, you are a dangerous moron who might kill their child.  Thirdly, if you think chiropractic can cure your child of behavioral or learning problems, you are a dangerous moron, I feel bad for your children and you should cease breeding for the rest of your natural life. Praying to Zeus will cure your child’s ADHD faster than going to a chiropractor.

Why would any parent go to a chiropractor to “cure” their children’s problems and ailments?

I’m convinced some people actually hate their children. Since their little darlings didn’t come out perfect and quoting MacBeth by the time they were 18 months, they subject their children to quackery of the worst kind, in order to “fix” them. Apparently, their child is not brag worthy enough for their mommy group. One of the things that particularly pisses me off is the fact that scumbag Chiropractors claim to “recover” kids from Autism with their methods–of course, for a price. There is an entire branch of quackery which claims to “cure” Autism, but that deserves a whole other blogpost because of how disgusting and low the business of “curing” Autism really is.

You know we are devolving when more and more people embrace this blatant stupidity. Seemingly sane parents are flocking to pediatric chiropractic in droves; their fears and their loathing manipulated for the simplest of reasons–money.

When it comes to science-based medicine and science based-treatment, these quacks like to say, “Follow the money”;  I followed the money and it led right into the bank accounts of chiropractors.

Further links for research and entertainment:

Science Based Medicine’s thorough debunking of pediatric chiropractic claims: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/pediatric-chiropractic-care-scientifically-indefensible/

Just one example of the despicable fucks that take advantage of parents’ fears, worry and loathing: http://thepaleomama.com/2014/01/chiropractic-adjustments-reverse-autism/

And another piece of crap: http://theactivehealthchiro.com/we-can-help/autism.html

Very cute baby being subjected to this bullshit. (Do you hear that sound in the background. It’s the sound of money being sucked out of this poor child’s parents’ wallet): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IbchRQuhHI