Intactivists are Dicks–and Crybabies too!

Intactivists didn’t get their way and now they’re throwing an epic tantrum that would even make Veruca Salt stop and say, “Wow, you’re a spoiled fucking brat.” Not because they care about Chase, the child in the middle of the battle between his mother, Heather Hironimus, and his father, Dennis Nebus. They are losing their collective shit because they care more about dick skin and attention-seeking than actual, real-life, living, breathing, children.

I’ve written about the loathsome internet creatures called intactivists before here:

Intactivists are a group of melodramatic nutcases that claim to care about children and their human rights. They make anti-vaxxers look like scientific, logical and rational human beings. The Hironimus/Nebus case proves that all they care about is furthering their agenda and garnering attention for the lunatics that lead this fringe movement.

For all who don’t know what is going on in the Heather Hironimus case, here is a quick summary. I really don’t want to get into the rights and wrongs of the case, circumcision or the parents. I do want to make this blog post’s focus the hilarious, histrionic reaction of the vile windbags whom call themselves intactivists.

Heather Hironimus signed a parental agreement when Chase was born, agreeing he be circumcised as an infant. She changed her mind and tried going to the courts, dragging out the process and stalling the procedure. Chase is now 4. The courts upheld the legal document she signed and sided with the father, ordering her to consent to the procedure. Intactivists convinced her to flee with Chase and go into hiding. She took him to a battered women’s shelter and claimed the father abused her. The judge told her to sign the consent form or face jail time. She was arrested, and faced with losing custody as well as a jail sentence. Her lawyer convinced her to sign the papers. Intactivists are now pissed off.

Chase’s father, Dennis Nebus, has refused to publicly discuss the case or the decision to circumcise his son. Much of the information we see on the internet is skewed to the mother’s and intactivists’ favor because of this. The mom was ordered not to discuss the procedure with Chase. She told him his daddy wanted to cut his penis off. He is now terrified of the operation (of course) and the intactivists are waving around “Chase said no! His bodily autonomy is being ignored!” while ignoring the fact he probably wouldn’t be so scared if they didn’t fill his head with their hysteria and nonsense in the first place.

The intactivist leader, who legally goes by the name Brother K (because he fancies himself a civil rights and human rights activist), goes around the country parading his red-paint stained crotch. The following is the extent of his human/civil rights activism.

Looks like you need to switch to a stronger absorbency tampon, Mr. K.

Looks like you need to switch to a stronger absorbency tampon, Mr. K.

Dred Scott is spinning in his grave.

Dred Scott is spinning in his grave.


I can’t. I have no words.

Brother Kook and the rest of his intactivist sycophants latched on to this case and exploited Heather and Chase. They encouraged her to break the law, kidnap Chase, and hide out in a battered woman’s shelter–taking up valuable bed space from someone who is an actual victim of domestic abuse. They also raised money to get Heather an attorney, Thomas Hunker. However, when the attorney acted in his client’s best interests, (what a good attorney is supposed to do) and not in the interests of the intactivists (publicity stunts and attention-seeking), the intactinuts stomped their feet and flailed their arms like the attention-seeking, crybaby, narcissistic children they are.

Her attorney acts on her behalf, not yours

Her attorney acts on her behalf, not yours. Not one needs to confer with you so that she can get custody of her son back.


So it’s a conspiracy, Mr. Kook?

That is her attorney, not yours! For someone who oputs himself on par with civil rights leaders, you sure don't know shit about how the American justice system works.

For someone who puts himself on par with civil rights leaders, you sure don’t know shit about how the American justice system works. That’s HER attorney!


Come at me bro!

Now that's a rational response!

Now that’s a rational response!

Hoping a 4 year old dies and becomes a martyr for your cause. Because you totally care about kids, right?

Hoping a 4 year old dies and becomes a martyr for your cause. Because you totally care about kids, right?

So you would never see your child again if he got circumcised? Do you even care about your child or are you just an idiot?

So you would never see your child again if he got circumcised? Do you even care about your child or are you just an idiot?

So Hairy Hollie, you admit it was never about Chase or his mom and all about your foreskin worship.

So Hairy Hollie, you admit it was never about Chase or his mom, and it was about your foreskin worship all along?

Intactivists proved with the Hironimus/Nebus case that they care more about penises than the people attached to them. This is why intactivism is an extremely flawed movement and intactivists should be ignored, no matter how loud they scream or how red they paint their crotches.


Kids are Getting Bleach Shoved Up Their Asses!

Scene from

Scene from “Sybil”

I figure the only way to get your attention regarding this very serious issue is to put it bluntly in the tile of this piece:


This is not a joke.

I’ve been posting via Facebook on the issue of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) being used to treat autism in children for a while now and it seems like no one gives a shit. But this is why you need to give a shitMMS is actually chlorine dioxide, an industrial strength bleach and a quack named Kerri Rivera is promoting it as a cure for Autism. Her cure purports that you both feed your children this industrial strength bleach in diluted form and give it to them in enemas in order to rid them of the toxins that cause autism.

Imagine you’re hearing the following rant in my angry New York accent

Imagine you’re a child. BLEACH!!!! In your stomach. UP YOUR ASS. Dissolving your intestines. Deteriorating your organs. Eating away the lining of your colon. Causing seizures. SLOWLY POISONING YOU! And the perpetrator of this torture are your parents. This is happening to hundreds, if not thousands of kids with no voice. You should really start giving a shit about this!


The whole concept of curing autism bothers me to the core. First off, quacks whom claim to cure autism dupe parents into believing the causes of autism are some how environmental–such as GMOs, vaccines and chemtrails–indirectly putting blame on the parents who did not keep their children safe from these evil mysterious toxins that are everywhere!  This is by design because these quacks love nothing more than making parents feel guilty and then offering a miracle solution to absolve them of this perceived guilt. Marketing 101.

Quacks like Kerri Rivera capitalize on parental guilt, fear, and loathing–and offer a way to purge their children of the evil Autism demons in the hopes of making them “normal”.  I get that some parents are so desperate for any type of solution to their kids’ behavioral, emotional and medical issues. But if you think pumping them full of bleach is your only hope, I have very little sympathy for you.

I know several children and adults with autism who are beautiful, intelligent and compassionate people. Just because they don’t fit your ideal of what is normal doesn’t mean they need to be fixed or cured. They DO need support from you to help them through a complex world in which they perceive and react differently from you and I. They DO NOT need to be poisoned by industrial strength bleach being forced down their mouths and up their asses!

Kerri Rivera claims on her FB page that her Autism protocol has healed hundreds of children. She claims these can be seen in the various testimonials on her page (which we have no proof who wrote them, or where they came from). In the CD Autism FB group, pictures of supposed ropeworms are shared. Proponents and parents who follow the Rivera MMS protocol claim the ropeworms are parasites that cause autistic symptoms and they are being purged from the body via the protocol. In actuality, this is the intestinal lining being stripped away because industrial strength bleach is violently coursing through the child’s body.


She urges parents to keep up with the protocol, despite children getting violently ill from it–because that’s a sign the toxins are being purged from the body. This is a common quack trope, as the “Cherokee Hair Tampons” episode of South Park hilariously satires:

Kerri Rivera’s Autism protocol is so despicable. I implore you to read further about it and spread the word about this vile practice against vulnerable children. These children will suffer in silence no longer. I have included several links for further reading.

Pages aimed at stopping this vicious practice:

NBC News Chicago exposé on Kerri Rivera:

Truth about ropeworm:!worms-parasites/c12g2

A person who wrote up a fake autism recovery story to Kerri Rivera and Rivera posted it without any verifiable proof:

I was Homeschooled by a Narcissist… And Other Horror Stories from American Suburbia


With the demise of public education in this country–which includes under-funding by the government, overcrowded classrooms, ineffectual administrators, and private entities like testing companies having their filthy hands all over your children and their data–it is inevitable that the homeschool movement has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Instead of trying to improve public education and how our politicians treat our schools, our teachers and our children, many have chosen to pull their children from school all together and educate them at home. Even with a less-than-perfect public education system, I believe it is still infinitely better than homeschooling your child.

This is not an anti-homeschooling blog. There are some instances when I believe homeschooling is appropriate, such as a child with really bad anxiety, a bully situation, an injury or remote living. Even in these situations, there is a right way to homeschool. This includes following professionally designed and state mandated curriculum. It includes professional oversight, with trained and state certified educators coming to your home to make sure your child is learning everything they would in a traditional school setting. And it includes opportunities for group learning with peers, in a format such as a homeschool collective.

And it’s not just fundamentalist Christians homeschooling their children either. Many people in the atheist, skeptic and non-believer communities are homeschooling their kids as well. I find this trend to be very troubling. As skeptics, we tend to be the first ones to condemn a non-vaxxing parent for using snake oil to treat their sick child instead of taking them to a doctor. We criticize parents who think a google search can replace a medical degree. We loathe parents that take medical care into their own hands and think they can replace the professional education and training of doctors, nurses and medical staff. Why don’t some of my fellow skeptics feel the same way about education and teaching?

Some of the excuses I’ve heard from my fellow skeptics for homeschooling their kids are just as ridiculous, if not more ridiculous, than reasons given by religious fundamentalists. The following are some reasons I’ve heard in favor of homeschooling followed by my personal commentary on why they are complete bullshit.

1) “I think I can do a better job than anybody when it comes to educating my children.”

No you can’t. Get over yourself.  Teaching is NOT “so easy a caveman can do it.”

I don’t care if you are Neil Degrasse Tyson. Nothing takes the place of a licensed, professional, experienced, teacher in a public or private classroom who is surrounded by other professional educators, counselors and school support staff. I used to teach high school and I WOULD NEVER homeschool my kids. EVER. Do you think I am extensively trained in early childhood neurological development? How to teach reading to a child? Methods in teaching fractions? I can teach my child about the rise of dictatorial governments throughout Europe following World War I, but I think he would want to learn how to read and play in the sandbox first. If you think you can do at better job educating your child than hundreds of rigorously trained and vetted professionals, you are a self-important narcissist with a grandiose sense-of-self.

2) “I don’t like the curriculum being dictated by a school board. I want to make my own curriculum.”

Okay. That’s nice. You think as a teacher I liked everything in my social studies curriculum? Of course not. But most teachers know how to play with the curriculum and make it enjoyable for students to learn. Curriculum and standards are there for a reason; they ensure your children learn what they need to know to not only graduate, but to become well-rounded adults. Also, professionally trained educators are constantly designing and modifying curriculum to reflect the latest standards, methods and innovations in education. Curriculum is NOT designed by an army of Illuminati robots despite what you read in your FB parenting group.

If you’re wondering why we now have a generation of young adults who think vaccines cause autism and the holocaust never happened, blame the parents who think they know how to write curriculum simply because they shot a child out of their nutsack and/or vagina. Don’t like the curriculum? Supplement your child’s education with further materials and learning experiences. Have a meaningful conversation with them. Visit a museum. Give them experiences that will enrich their lives and grow their empathy, compassion and curiosity. Limiting the amount of people who they learn from, including peers, will only limit the amount of knowledge they acquire.

3) “I want to teach my children what I want them to learn, not what teachers and the government wants my kids to learn.”

A person gains culture and knowledge through interaction with others. I had teachers of all different personalities, political affiliations, backgrounds and cultures. I had mean teachers. I had nice teachers. I had sane teachers. I had crazy teachers. I had extremely intelligent teachers and a handful of clueless ones too. I learned from them all. I learned a variety of views and experiences.

I’m a non-believer. I’d like my son to be a non-believer as well. However, if he learns some religion and wants to be a bible thumping Christian, then I’m cool with that too. As long as he treats others with respect, kindness and compassion. Many homeschooling parents are afraid their little snowflakes will learn something evil or different at school from teachers or other children–views that might question a parent’s authority, beliefs, and fears. What if I told you not everyone has to think as you do, not even your child. They are not an extension of you. They are individuals with their own thoughts and agency. If you only want your child to know what you WANT them to know–to only know your views and your experiences–you are a self-important narcissist with a grandiose sense-of-self.

4) “I don’t want the school to call Children’s Services on me.”

This is a reason why some homeschooling/unschooling parents don’t want to send their kids to evil government schools. Teachers, counselors and other school staff are mandated reporters and are trained to identify signs of abuse and neglect, such as changes in behavior or physical appearance. Mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse can not be detected by school staff when a child does not attend a school. Homeschooling is a way abusers can get away with their crimes. It also prevents a child from escaping from an abusive situation, even if it’s just for six hours a day. And if you’re looking for a common thread here to connect to my other points, narcissistic personality disorder is a common feature of abusive parents.

5) “The schools are bad in our area.”

This is racist/classist code language for “I don’t want my little Caligula sharing a classroom with a poor and/or brown child.” What is interesting about this argument is that I see it put forth mostly by so-called progressives and leftists. If you’re so progressive, you should have no issues with your children learning from children who are different from them.

6) “My kid is not challenged at public school because he/she is too smart.”

Most parents who proclaim their kids are too smart and therefore bored at public school are completely full of shit. They are suffering from special snowflake syndrome; they think their special DNA and special homeschooling is producing the next child prodigy. These are the types of parents that take all the credit for their child’s hard work and achievements, since they were the only ones smart enough to recognize their child was a special snowflake whom is too good to share a classroom with the rest of the plebes.

Teachers do something now called differentiated instruction. We recognize that every child has specific strengths and weaknesses, and we individually tailor instruction just for your special snowflake! There are special programs for gifted and talented children. Your kid being a genius or a prodigy is still no excuse for you to solely educate them. Wouldn’t they become a better genius or prodigy if they learned from others besides yourself? Isolating them from the ideas of others because you think your child is better than everyone else is definitely not going to make them better than everyone else. But let’s admit, homeschooling is not about them. It’s about you and your ego.

7) “Public education is in shambles. If the schools were better, I’d send my kids and I can’t afford private school “

If you gave a damn about public education, you’ would still send your kids to school while fighting to change policies like other parents and professionals do.  So let’s get to what this is really about: you. Homeschooling proves to the rest of your friends and family (and blog subscribers) what a super mom or dad you are by taking on a huge responsibility, while being smarter (and smuggier) than the average momma bear.

“Look at me–Look at me. Look how awesome I am homeschooling my special snowflake. I’m so much better than you! Nanny Nanny poo poo!

Whack-Job Wednesday: Anti-Vaxxers Compare Themselves to Holocaust Victims and other Persecuted Minorities Throughout History


It’s been a while since I wrote something  but I noticed a very disturbing trend in the past few weeks ever since the shit hit the fan at Disneyland.

Due to the recent backlash against the anti-science, anti-progress, misanthropic scum known as anti-vaxxers, they have now resorted to comparing the criticism against them to the suffering Jews experienced during the Holocaust, the denial of civil rights blacks experienced in the Jim Crow era South and to the McCarthyist witch-hunts of the 1950’s. Just when you thought this vile bunch of fuckwits couldn’t get any fucking lower, they pull the persecution card. I guess it’s easy to whine about being repressed from the comfort of your home, exercising your freedumz on social media while eating a gluten-free, non-GMO, heirloom Kale muffin.


I’m not going to do much writing in this post. I will let the anti-vaxxers show how absolutely repugnant they are in their own words. The following evidence proves that not only are anti-vaxxers scientifically illiterate lacking any understanding in basic scientific concepts, but they also have absolutely no historical awareness.

Because getting vaccinated is just like being shipped off to Auchwitz in a crowded train to die:Nazisymbol

Holocaust denial in the same thread:


I thought “training camps” were for the Jets and Giants:

On US media coverage of the measles outbreaks:


I don’t even understand what this person is trying to say:


Just add the word Nazi to your non-sensical point if you’re an anti-vaxxer:nazivaccine


From the Australian Vaccination Network, hijacking the American Civil Rights movement. (Contrary to their name, they are an anti-vax group):



According to the perpetual moronic Glenn Beck, anti-vaxxers are being treated as Galileo was when he published the heliocentric view. Well, except Galileo was right:


The Healthy Home Economist aka Giant Smug Twat-Waffle is no stranger to over-dramatic comparisons that paint anti-vaxxers into victims. When facts and science fail to win people to your side, cry that the enemy is trying to burn you at the stake:

“Why am I declining interview requests about a topic I am extremely passionate about? I am deeply concerned about the media feeding frenzy that is surrounding this measles outbreak story that is creating a witchhunt and a burn ‘em at the stake mentality regarding vaccine skeptics in general, but most specifically, parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.”

She also says something ridiculous about medical fascism in her poorly written, whiny and long scree. See more at:


If you’re an anti-vaxxer, you can always compare your so-called suffering to that of the ultimate sufferer, Jesus H. Christ



When all else fails, accuse Mexicans of bringing over diseases because it’s all Obama’s fault–he wants all non-Muslims dead or imprisoned or in a FEMA camp or to have Autism. I really wish these idiots would get their conspiracies straight.








The Baron and the Woo-heads


I love reading about psychological conditions and how the human mind works.  I am fascinated with disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder, and how these conditions affect individuals and the people around them. One psychological condition that is equally fascinating and horrifying is Baron von Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (BVMP). This is where a parent or caregiver seeks attention and sympathy through the intentional medical abuse of his/her child. I’m being fair and politically correct here because most people with BVMP are women and hence, mothers. These mothers seek constant medical treatments and often intentionally make their kids sick to perpetuate the lie that the child is chronically ill.

The issue of BVMP has come up recently in the case of Lacey Spears, a self-proclaimed mommy blogger and rejector of  science-based medicine. Before the birth of her son, she had a long history of compulsive lying and story telling. One example of her outrageous lies was when she claimed a boy she nannied was her own child, even using the child’s image on her Myspace page and captioning his pictures with such phrases as, “Hey there mommy Lacey”.

For the five years her own son was on this earth, he was sick. It started with constant ear infections and 23 visits to the hospital in the first year of his life. Garnett (Lacey’s son) was put on feeding tubes because of a “failure to thrive”. Lacey Spears chronicled every last detail of Garnett’s medical issues on social media, where she received an outpouring of sympathy and attention for her plight. This is why BVMP do what they do. They thrive on the attention and in the age of the internet, this level of attention increases exponentially with every like and share.

How was Lacey Spears able to get away with her crimes for so long? For one, she moved frequently during her son’s short life. Another reason could be disbelief; no one wants to believe a mother would harm her own child simply for the attention. However, I believe the most important reason why Garnett is no longer with us and suffered needlessly at the hands of his BVMP mother is because of the popularity of the alternative medicine movement, especially online.

Lacey sought out “holistic” doctors who would most likely not question why her son was so sick all the time. She moved to an “organic and alternative lifestyle commune” in NYC’s northern suburbs, where she could hide away and not have to account for her behavior. Finally, Lacey received the attention she craved from an online community of parents, self-proclaimed experts and FAUX medical professionals (i.e. naturopaths and chiropractors) who believe that science-based medicine, chemtrails, fluoride, non-organic food and vaccines are killing our children slowly. (What a terrible irony that Lacey was the one who was killing her child slowly). In a  June 2012 Facebook post, Lacey proclaimed the following:

“No (Garnett) does not watch tv, drink purple kook-aid (sic), eat ice cream or consume sugar of any form… He isn’t vaccinated, doesn’t follow western medicine “

It is my hypothesis that Lacey’s BVMP  is much more prevalent in the online alternative medicine/anti-vax/anti-science community. It is my belief that many of these anti-science moms either suffer from intense maternal narcissism, and/or some varying degree of Munchausen by Proxy–most not as severe as Lacey Spears’ but enough to where it is causing psychological harm to their children and might be causing physical harm.

Go to any anti-vaccine Facebook page and you will see moms like Lacey everyday; moms who claim their children’s myriad health issues–everything from eczema, asthma and autism–are caused by science-based medicine and science-based nutrition. How many times have you seen stories of “immediate vaccine injury” and not think the parent was just-a-wee bit exaggerating her story? I saw a woman claim she knew her daughter was vaccine injured because “as soon as the poisons were injected into (her little snowflake) she let out a blood curdling scream.” Um, yeah–pretty much every kid does that when he gets a needle put inside him. I know quite a few adults who do too.

On pages such as My Child’s Vaccine Reaction, you read of heartbreaking stories of kids succumbing to SIDS and the mother blaming the child’s recent DTap vaccination. And do you know what else you will see when these parents discuss their children’s health issues or death? An outpouring of  sympathy from their online community. Even if you know the kid’s health problems and/or death was not caused by vaccines, you’d be a real douchebag to question a grieving mother, right?

And how many kids are being harmed? How many kids are being subjected to pediatric chiropractic to cure a strep throat? How many kids are needlessly going through torturous chelation therapies to “detox” themselves from vaccines? How many kids are being given belladonna instead of Tylenol for a fever because their mom thinks Tylenol is “the red liquid of death”? How many kids are going to suffer through months of whooping-cough to satisfy their mother’s endless need for attention?

I think we need to hold the alternative health death community accountable for the harboring of terrible, awful people such as Lacey Spears. It is time to re-examine cases that sound all to familiar to Garnett’s case before we lose another beautiful child like him; a beautiful child who had no say in who his parents were and who had the unfortunate luck of having Lacey Spears as a mother. We need to speak for children like Garnett.

Written in Garnett Spear’s memory and in the memory of all the victims of child abuse.

Sources/Links for further reading:

Losing Garnett. A multi-part piece on the Garnett Spears case:

NY Times article on the case:

Detailed explanation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy:

Lacey seeks holisitc doctors for Garnett:


Take Your First World Problems and Move to a Third World Country.


This post is for people (such as anti-vaxxers) who seem to think this world was a better place “back in the day”; before medicine, modern technology and government regulation.

When women and brown people knew their place.

When leeches and ether were regarded as medicine.

When work days were at least 16 hours long and the workplace was a deathtrap.

When developmentally disabled people were locked away in deplorable institutions.

When abortions were done in back-rooms with unsterilized equipment. (Yes, moron… Women will still seek out abortions even if you make it illegal!)

When homosexuals stayed in the closet

When we got diseases like polio, smallpox and diphtheria the natural way!

This post is for you ASSHOLES!

Throw away the smart phone, abandon the wi-fi and give your Uggs away to the Good Will. Don’t pack anything except you and the rest of your smiling, well-fed, unvaccinated brood and hop on the first non-stop flight to Jalalabad. From Jalalabad, take a rickety-ass bus and drive about 8 hours to a remote village in the mountains; one where there is no doctor or Walgreens, no Facebook to bitch about how much you hate the homo-gays and plenty of vaccine preventable diseases circling around.

Your children would be forced into work by the age of 9 to support the family–the ones that aren’t permanently disabled or dead from polio. You see, the religious zealots in control of your village killed some health workers trying to give your kids free vaccines–because vaccines are part of an American-Zionist plot to kill you.  You’d have to marry your 12-year-old daughter off because you need the money. Your husband would be executed for homosexuality simply because he had a men’s underwear catalogue lying around the shack. Wouldn’t a world free of vaccines, homosexuals and labor laws be wonderful? This beautiful and exciting family adventure can be all yours!

Do you know why parents in third world countries don’t turn down vaccines?

1) They know what it’s like to have loved ones affected by a vaccine preventable disease. They don’t have “choices” or “options” when it comes to raising their children except life and death.

2) Because they are smarter than you and know vaccines save lives. They also know vaccines don’t cause autism, eczema, ADHD, IBS, restless legs syndrome, SIDS and Exotropia. Even if it did, they would rather deal with autism and eczema than bury their child–because they are smarter than you.

They also don’t turn down genetically modified food either BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING STARVING!

That muffin has genetically modified gluten in it”, said NO hungry child EVER!!!!!! What an awesome time and place we must live in if we can be so picky about our food!

In all seriousness, this post is aimed at trying to get you to think about someone other than yourself and your immediate family. So the next time you want to complain on the internet from your centrally air-conditioned McMansion about how hard your life is because the school won’t accept your child’s bullshit vaccine exemption or how the kids’ cafeteria serves GM food, picture yourself in that remote Afghani village. Think about all the people who don’t have access to the same luxuries as you do. Realize how great your life is. And it’s great because of science, medicine, technology, education, unions, and government laws & regulations!

Why Would You Bring Your Baby to a Chiropractor?


Even a dog can call bullshit–Why can’t you?

Some years ago, I stumbled into a bar bathroom and saw a diaper-changing table next to the puked stained toilet. Someone wrote on the changing table, “Why would you bring your baby to a bar?” There are certainly legitimate reasons why someone would bring their baby to this particular establishment; they serve good food and you can’t find babysitting. However, there is NO DAMN GOOD REASON to bring your baby to a chiropractor. And if you are one of those idiots that do, you should:

1) Educate yourself in proper and legitimate science and how it works and then stop being a fucking gullible, naive, idiot by giving these charlatans money.

2) Be locked up for child abuse.

I always thought that most people are inherently smart even without a college education. I guess I’m an optimist at heart. I see nothing wrong with an adult seeing a chiropractor for back and neck issues. It’s the ones that claim to cure your child of Autism and bed-wetting that I can not stomach. Chiropractors who claim to cure diseases that have nothing to do with your back or neck pain are obvious snake oil salesmen. They are the modern day Wizards of Oz. Didn’t that movie teach you anything about seeing through people’s bullshit??? But who am I to be so optimistic of human nature–it was the friggin dog who revealed the fraud behind the curtain.

(I do not believe the following horse-shit. I am just summing up in layman terms how chiropractic claims it works.)

Chiropractors who claim to cure disease and illness, such as the flu, believe that manipulation of the spine/spinal column can prevent such an infection. They believe people suffer from these things called subluxations, which are “blockages” in the spinal column that affect the nervous system’s ability to do its job. And since the nervous system affects the immune system, well then, that’s how cracking your back cure the flu. That’s how cracking your back cures migraines, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, the clap, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, restless legs syndrome, shift-work disorder, etc. etc… you get the point.  They can make all your problems go away–for a fee.

It’s one thing to subject yourself to this bullshit. Go ahead. Spend your money and hopefully natural selection will kill you off. But it’s a whole other problem when you subject your children to this abuse. For one, they can be seriously injured by a spinal manipulation. Secondly, if you use chiropractic to treat an ear infection or strep throat instead of antibiotics, you are a dangerous moron who might kill their child.  Thirdly, if you think chiropractic can cure your child of behavioral or learning problems, you are a dangerous moron, I feel bad for your children and you should cease breeding for the rest of your natural life. Praying to Zeus will cure your child’s ADHD faster than going to a chiropractor.

Why would any parent go to a chiropractor to “cure” their children’s problems and ailments?

I’m convinced some people actually hate their children. Since their little darlings didn’t come out perfect and quoting MacBeth by the time they were 18 months, they subject their children to quackery of the worst kind, in order to “fix” them. Apparently, their child is not brag worthy enough for their mommy group. One of the things that particularly pisses me off is the fact that scumbag Chiropractors claim to “recover” kids from Autism with their methods–of course, for a price. There is an entire branch of quackery which claims to “cure” Autism, but that deserves a whole other blogpost because of how disgusting and low the business of “curing” Autism really is.

You know we are devolving when more and more people embrace this blatant stupidity. Seemingly sane parents are flocking to pediatric chiropractic in droves; their fears and their loathing manipulated for the simplest of reasons–money.

When it comes to science-based medicine and science based-treatment, these quacks like to say, “Follow the money”;  I followed the money and it led right into the bank accounts of chiropractors.

Further links for research and entertainment:

Science Based Medicine’s thorough debunking of pediatric chiropractic claims:

Just one example of the despicable fucks that take advantage of parents’ fears, worry and loathing:

And another piece of crap:

Very cute baby being subjected to this bullshit. (Do you hear that sound in the background. It’s the sound of money being sucked out of this poor child’s parents’ wallet):

My Open Letter to Bill Nye


Dear Bill Nye,

When I heard that you were going to debate the creationist Ken Ham, on his creationist territory, I didn’t think it was the greatest idea. I was planning to watch, but I didn’t think anything positive could be gained from debating people who will never change their minds, no matter how much evidence you present to them. You completely changed my mind.

As a former teacher, the best part of your presentation last night (and there were many good parts) was the rallying call for evidence-based, science education in public schools. You spoke to everyone and implored them the importance of keeping pseudo-science and religion out of our public schools. You stressed the value of always asking questions, always searching for new discoveries and never accepting one final answer as the end all truth;  an evidence-based science education curriculum is what will enable America to ask the important questions, to continue making great discoveries and to always keep an open mind.

Thank you for not making this debate a fruitless effort.  Your eloquence is beyond measure. The reasons why this debate was positive for science and science education was YOU!

Thank You,

A teacher and citizen of the world.

How To Recognize a Cause Troll.

I posted here before regrading the stupid things mommies argue about on Facebook. Some of these arguments can get very heated and some moms get hurt in the process when their parenting choices are belittled, especially when they feel ganged up on. In the real world, these arguments/discussion rarely ever happen, but on the internet they happen with amazing frequency and ferocity. I understand some parents are genuinely interested in these topics, while others just want to get all self-righteous because they’re bored with nothing better to do. But there is a particular element of these debates and discussions that is disingenuous and disheartening–The Cause Troll™.

These trolls don’t care about legitimate causes like curing cancer or ending poverty. They care about controversial issues such as vaccination, circumcision and extended breast-feeding. They only exist to get their agenda across and often use misinformation and propaganda in the process. I have come up with a list of criteria that makes a person a cause troll. Once you have spotted a cause troll in a particular thread, it is just as important to out them because they will continue their vicious fraud if not called out.

Criteria of a Cause Troll (Individually, they do not necessarily make the person a cause troll, but when they fit several of the criterion on the list, they are a Cause Troll)

1) You’ve seen them before. That profile and name look familiar and you’ve seen them on other mommy pages “debating” the classic controversial topics for mommies. Trust your instincts. Take a few minutes to go through the checklist!

2) They like to start “conversations” in groups or pages regarding said cause, but these conversations become rather one-sided. They come across as nice and genuine at first in these conversations, trying to get people on their side, but then you realize they are pandering. If they continuously and repetitiously post a counter to every comment that doesn’t agree with their cause, they could be a Cause Troll. They might also call in a few reinforcements.

3) Their FB cover and profile pic is dedicated to their cause. I am pro-vax and pro-science. I’m anti-religious indoctrination. My FB covers and profile pictures are not dedicated to these causes. If you see someone with a cause based profile pic and cover photo, this means they want their cause to be known to the world and want you to know they are very active with that cause.

4) An unusually large amount of page likes are dedicated to their cause. I like a lot of things. Not just pro-vax pages or science pages. I like George Takei. I like Animals with No Necks. I like Randy Watson of Sexual Chocolate. If someone has a large amount of likes dedicated to one controversial cause, they are most likely a Cause Troll.

5) Public posts regarding their cause that you can see without being their friend. Most of the stuff on my profile is private. People can see a few things, but my wall is completely on lockdown. I don’t feel comfortable letting people I don’t know seeing what I post, even if it is a bunch of cats in silly hats. However, if you’re a cause troll, you want the whole world to know you work for that cause.

6) A post/picture complete with an arrow that says “Ask me about ______” (Fill in controversial cause). This is pretty self-explanatory. “Ask me about ________…” translates into, “I will just tell you my side of the issue and fail to back it up with anything scientific. In fact, I might even stretch the truth to get you to believe what I believe.

For educational purposes, I have included a screen shot of a Cause Troll’s profile, complete with numbers labeling the criteria of why it is a Cause Troll profile. I am protecting her identity not because she has any right to privacy, since her page is public, but because I feel sorry for her kids.


1) Profile pic wearing cause T-shirt.

2) Cover photo dedicated to cause complete with “facts” that have no scientific basis or are even cited, but a reference to causes’ website.

3) “Ask this person about _______” pic. 3b. One controversial mommy cause tied into another. (Circumcision harms breastfeeding, um…okay.)

4) Public Post (not the only one on this person’s wall) that is visible to non-friends about said cause.

5) (Not pictured) Several likes dedicated to her pet cause, as well as other related controversial causes. (Breastfeeding, GMOs, Homeschooling)

6) In one of her photos, her daughter (who looks to be about 6 years of age) is at an “intactivist” protest/event holding a sign for mommy’s cause du jour. In the comments, one sane person asks, “Was it her choice to hold the sign?”, to which this sanctimonious nut-job replied:

Yes, it was. She asked to have something to hold. She sees me doing it with the Intact Georgia wagon and emulates the behavior. She has a great understanding of encroachment and the non-aggression principle so speaking out about not cutting another person’s body makes sense to her. Last week before a bike ride she had us all wait while she made a sign that said, “Say no to ‘circimseson'” on it.

The average six-year-old with sane parents doesn’t go on a penis crusade. Mommy even invited others to share this picture. I refuse because it’s the lowest of the low. How friggin exploitative can you be? This is why Cause Trolls need to be exposed and eliminated.

So I hope I have supplied you with a few tidbits on how to weed these disingenuous fuckers out. Have you seen them somewhere else before? Check their profiles when they start their rants and don’t be afraid to call them out. I did to the aforementioned intactivist and after one comment, she stopped spewing her non-sense. With a little bit of knowledge and some work, we can rid mommy pages and forums of this horrible scourge!

She Blinded Me With Bullshit–The Death of Science In America.

Jesus and the Dinosaurs

Both Jesus and Bob Barker agree–spay and neuter your pet dinosaurs!

Have you tried to have a REAL scientific discussion with someone these days? Has their lack of scientific knowledge and foundations astounded you? Tired of explaining basic biology and the scientific method to people? You are not alone. Welcome to an America of scientific illiterates.

There has been a serious backlash against anything science in America in the past 25 years. You’d think that as we became more technically savvy, we’d become more scientifically literate; but the opposite has happened. I often ponder the reasons why this phenomenon exists and I’ve come up with two theories which I believe contribute to our lack of scientific knowledge.

1) Putting too much value on personal opinions.  When I taught, they wanted us to get the kids to give their opinions on things and events (I taught history), which I did–when it was appropriate. For example: Was the United States justified in using nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Give your opinion and cite VALID reasons for your opinion. Most of the time, opinions don’t mean shit–especially when you are dealing with very concrete subjects such as history, math and science.

Much to the chagrin of my supervisors, I corrected kids who spouted their misinformed opinions regarding history in my classroom. We can’t be afraid to tell kids they’re wrong about certain things. (No Timmy–Martin Luther King JR. did not write the 95 Theses). It won’t damage their psyche and in fact, they will learn the correct information that will enable them to become an informed adult. Due to this extra value being placed on opinions in the classroom (even when the opinion is the most preposterous horse-shit you ever heard), we now have a generation of ignorant adults who think their opinions constitute as fact and should be taught as such; a population of adults in which thirty-three percent deny human evolution.

You want to believe aliens built the pyramids, fine. But that’s not what the evidence says. You want to deny evolution because you’re too arrogant to admit we evolved from animals. Fine. That’s not what 99.9% of all biologists say. You think vaccines are toxic and cause Autism, good for you. But that’s not what the majority of scientists say and I hope your kid doesn’t contract polio and hate you for the rest of your life because your opinion trumped his health and safety.

Just because the science doesn’t validate your opinions, does not make it wrong. A scientific consensus is important because it represents reproducibility of data. It’s much more than just that people agree on something. It means specific things have been verified through repeated observation and experimentation. This is how scientific facts such as evolution and the efficacy of vaccines are established. Tough tuchus!

2) The religious right in this country has been quite successful at infiltrating science and public education over the past 25 years. To skirt their way around the constitution which states, “…congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”, they have packaged creationism (the belief the world is 6,000 years old, Jesus had pet dinosaurs and Noah’s Ark was not a cool story but really happened) as an “alternative scientific theory.”

And many Americans are buying it. I hear people say things like, “Well, the people should vote on what should be taught and if they vote for creationism, so be it” Well, the people are fucking wrong–and stupid. We are talking about the same population that voted Glen Beck as the fourth most admirable man in the world, where 41% believe in ESP and 25% think we won our independence from a country other than Britain. You want these same people who’ve been cheated out of a decent science education for the past 25 years voting on the science curriculum? Science curriculum should be determined by scientists and science teachers, not put up for a vote like the next American Idol. I could just imagine if the people voted on history curriculum what it would look like–Aliens penning the Declaration of Independence, vampire hunters freeing the slaves, dinosaurs marching for equality on Washington… You get the point.

When it comes to science and history, especially science and history education, your opinion only matters when it can be backed up with evidence and facts. It only matters when it can be proven and verified by a number of respected members in the field. You can’t make shit up to fit your personal beliefs and insist your made up shit should be taught to children as “alternate theories”.

Creationism/Intelligent Design is not science. It is religion masked as science. The scientific consensus says, Creationism is bullshit and there is no REAL scientific evidence to verify it. Keep it out of my schools!

The result:


“According to the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, in 2006 the United States ranked twenty-ninth in student performance in science.”

(Thank you to my friends at The Anti-Vax Wall of Shame for some of the scientific information in this article)